In a forgotten attic, as all attics and the many treasures it holds are, there lay an old shoe.  The shoe looked like any other old discarded boot, well-worn brown leather and too trustworthy to throw away.

This boot was worth more than it’s tatty looks, for in its sole, nestled between two stained, rubbery grooves, there lay a small world.

How this world got there is no mystery, the owner of the shoe must have stood on it, and why a world would just lie in the dirt in the middle of nowhere is questionable.  Someone must have lost something very precious.

Our precious but forgotten world holds a small village named Tumbleville.  This village is mainly inhabited by hares, but not the hares you are used to.  A hare of Tumbleville will never hop, it is considered uncivilised behaviour.  They are clothed in well-tailored attire and live in beautifully crafted stone houses.   Tumbleville has always been a quaint and peaceful town, until a few weeks ago.

The surrounding forest has mysteriously awoken and turned hostile.  The tyrant governor of Tumbleville, as all empowered tyrants, has decided to turn a blind eye to the crisis, and encourages all obedient followers to do the same. 

Pabbit o’Dooly, a cunning servant boy to the Governor tyrant, sets out to solve the mysterious passing of his caretaker and uncle, farmer Harelow.  With the help of the town’s Professor, Prof Wigglesmith, they fear that the tragic death of his uncle is related to the awakening of the forest.

As the very source of their sustenance, awakens and turns on their town, our brave heroes set out on a quest to restore their world, before their fierce orange foe consumes the town and everything they hold dear.